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We have wanted to do a readers army feature for a while and after Andrew sent us photos of his Space Wolves we knew we wanted them to be the first!
So without further ado, we'll hand over to Andrew to talk us through this fantastic collection.

What made you choose space wolves and how did you start the army?
"I was young when I started collecting, issue 175 was my first White Dwarf. Seeing the lovely grey armour of the Space Wolves, I really wanted to paint some. Sadly lack of talent and the “Space Wolf Grey” being nothing like the colour needed I gave up and painted loads of Orks instead!
When the Thunderwolf Calvery came out I had to start again. Using the new paint range I could get the colour I wanted and do these characterful models justice."

How do you approach collecting and painting such an huge army?
"I paint for the love of painting, I started with the Thunderwolves and built up from there, I always wanted a large amount of standard troops, I know this can be pain for some people.
Believe it or not I have never actually played a game of 40k, I have a 1500 point army list all written up of models I like the look of but I am yet to play."

Are there any interesting techniques you have learned as part of the project?
"These models were my first attempts at light weathering. Painting chips and adding smoke to exhausts etc.
I have learned that when painting mechanical kits like dreadnoughts, knights and tanks it's best to work back to front, doing the armour last and the metal first."

Any tips you would like to share?
"I could write a book on how to get the Thunderhawk together (wood screws, magnets and metal bolts required!)
My top tips would be:
Paint larger models in bits, I know how tempting it is to glue the lot together to see how cool it looks but painting in bits adds a lot more detail.
Take time with faces, I’m a strong believer that if you are going to bother wearing power armour you should probably wear a helmet but in the rare occasion that I have a bare head, make it special.
Try your hand at freehand, use a pencil and work from there, you can always tidy it up."

If you added anything else what would it be?
"I’m planning a furiso dreadnought conversion as it will complete my set. I’ll probably end up with one of the new siege dreadnoughts too. I would love a raptor to go with it, maybe a warhound too!
I’ll probably need a bigger cabinet!....more terminators!!!"

Any other models, armies, games catch your attention as a future project?
"The Horus heresy character series is lovely and I have 4 currently and will add more. Hopefully Leman Russ ASAP!"

What is your favourite part of the army?
"I love my thunderhawk, it’s one of those kits that will never truly be finished! It was a gift from my wife, probably so I would shut up about it.
I always wanted the metal kit that came out years ago but this is much better."

Finally, how did you come to see White Shark Gaming?
"I spotted the site on a link from games workshop army painters Facebook page. I’m a sucker for anything terrain and basing, I hate basing my models and feel that a nicely painted model deserves a decent base, I use bit of terrain on larger bases and it’s nice to see company’s produce good looking stuff."


"The space wolves have a presence and everyone seems to like them in some way.
They have some great characters. It started as a couple of units and before I knew it I had this lot."


"When you have to buy a £30 kit to destroy for the base you know you have a worthy model!
It is proper old school forgeworld so nothing really fits that great but with a Dremel, glue, hot water and some time it does go together. Downsides are its too big for my cabinet and too heavy for most shelves."





"I have painted some models that are technically not allowed but I liked the models and enjoyed painting them to fit in!"








"I love the large scale space marine kit and anything from the 2000 forge world collection. I have 3 of the large scale marines in different chapters."


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