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Morning all,

Been a few days since our last post, don't worry a write up of the the campaign weekend is coming soon.

Today I though I would share my recipe for my Orks skin, I post a lot on a few Facebook sites:

Da Waaagh - Orks in 40k
Tale of painters

I have been asked to share my skin recipe, this will be a 2 parter so here goes part number 1.


An initial undercoat of Grey primer, I use Halfords grey primer, any automotive primer will do the trick, if you use black or white your results will differ slightly in tone.


The first colour I use is Skarsnik Green from GW. All over the skin areas and a little into the mouth if open. I make my paint fairly watered down, usually 2:1 ratio, it will require 2-3 thin coats to get even coverage.


Next step is a wash, I'm fairly lucky to still have a pot of Thraka Green, I use this with Lahmian Medium at a 1:1 mix, was the entire surface of the skin paying special attention to the deep recesses, allow to dry, when drying keep an eye on pooling and drips.


After the wash of Thraka Green has dried I go back in with the thinned Skarsnik Green over all of the raised details. Careful not to go into the recesses, you can always wash small areas again if needed.


Next step is a highlight, for this I use thinned down Ogryn Camo, I use this at a 3:1 ratio with water, 3 part water 1 part paint.

I use this on all the hugest points, cheek bones, lips, eye ridges, tips of ears etc, a couple of thin passed should be fine.


Next is a second highlight, I use a mix of Game Air Khaki and Ogryn Camo, 3:1:1 mix 3 parts water again.

This is applied to only the very tips of the extremities, ears, top lip, point of the cheek bone.

I do paint a full layer on the bottom lip, in preparation for the next colour.


Next step is Kislev flesh,

It is a 2:1 mix, 2 parts water 1 part paint.

I paint this on the bottom lip, and a throw of the way up the edge of the mouth.

The very tips of the ears get the same.

As you can see from the final picture the paint job looks a little flat at the moment.

We still have a few glazes and some additional colour to add in the mouth and head Metallics

part two will be published this weekend.

Don't forget, once we hit 275 like on lucky person will be getting £30 of store credit in celebration.

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