The Hunt for the Fallen; Rich Round 1

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After Alex's introductions I'll get straight into my first round of the campaign weekend. One of the Fallen was in hiding and the Deathwing were not about to let him stay that way.

Turn one saw the Dreadnought trying to survive the surprise lascannons from the drop podding centurions and the Inquisitor's Rhino was an easy first blood.

Turn two. Grab 6 objectives in a single turn? I guess a deepstriking terminator army stands the best chance. After some abysmal shooting, I'm not so convicted. My opponents army was an Imperial Fists successor so their bolter fire was on point, my armour saving was not.

Turn three. Belial and his command squad were lost in the opening salvo so it was up to his brothers to avenge him. I managed to charge the podding centurions and slowly beat them to death. T5 and 2 wounds takes longer than expected to chew through. The Knights had a rough time with overwatch and died in the forest after brutally murdering some scouts. As I saw the secret objective slip away the remaining units pressed on to do as much damage as possible but the combination of Land Speeders and a solid firebase cut them to ribbons.

Chalk up a brutal loss, however my opponent Ryan was a great guy and made it a lot of fun. Win or lose, a great opponent makes for a great game.


Turn 2 is where the fun begins; as the Deathwing arrive and set about achieving the tall order set for them.


The highlight of the game was this scout sergeant. Three of his squad died in their seats onboard their Landspeeder Storm when it was hit by a heavy flamer. He was the sole survivor of the ensuing explosion and then made it through another land-speeder crashing on him and a volley of stormbolter fire. A true hero.

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